The Trail of Florida’s Indian Heritage, Inc. is a Florida nonprofit 501c3 membership network of archaeological sites, history museums, heritage interpreters and county, state, and national parks working together with the mission to promote responsible site visitation and public education of Florida’s Indian heritage.


The "Trail of the Lost Tribes" network was originally established in 2000 as a nonprofit organization honoring Florida’s ancient people. Through its mission, the Trail informed the public about archaeological sites, museums and heritage interpreters who illuminate the pre-historic Indian cultures. The term "lost" in the name reflected emphasis on Florida’s original native people who were devastated, and were presumed to have completely vanished from the historical record in the 1500’s and 1600’s due to war, disease and persecution following European contact.


The Trail consists of a variety of sites from National Parks to State & Local Parks; Large Museums to Small Museums; Tourist Attractions to Nonprofits; Public Outreach Organizations like FPAN to Heritage Interpreters and Individuals. Membership is open to anyone interested in our mission.


We are committed to promoting responsible stewardship of Florida’s historical and archaeological resources. Preserving these resources enhances our quality of life, promotes a sense of place that strengthens our communities, provides tangible connections to our history, and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to our state annually.


The Trail consists of a variety of sites from National Parks to State & Local Trail of Florida’s Indian Heritage receives generous funding and grants from the Florida Humanities Council, the Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, and Visit Florida. Along with those grants, dues from our members contribute to our ability to continue our mission, while also allowing us to support our members and their sites. WE THANK YOU ALL!
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