South Florida State College Museum of Florida Art & Culture

The Museum of Florida Art and Culture, located on the campus of South Florida State College in Avon Park, is dedicated to artists whose work is an interpretation of the history, heritage, and environment of the state of Florida.

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Permanent displays include a timeline of Florida history, photographs, artwork, and objects. The archaeology displays include many types of points, stone and shell tools, pottery fragments, and other objects. Thanks to the Kissimmee Valley Archaeological and Historical Conservancy (KVAHC), a group of enthusiastic avocational archaeologists mentored by Dr. Robert Austin, the archaeological displays include recent discoveries from the Blueberry site in Highlands County.

For years the Kissimmee Valley was thought to be a seasonal resource for hunting and gathering by coastal tribes like the Calusa or Ais and not a year ’round home for an indigenous culture. Recent discoveries by KVAHC at sites like the Royce Mound and Blueberry suggest that that is not the case. The Blueberry site in particular, south and east of Lake Placid, has furnished evidence of continuing habitation for hundreds of years. In addition, artifacts found at the site provide strong evidence for a vigorous and ongoing trade relationship with tribes as far away as the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

Eight panels representing 500 years of Florida history are installed in the Concourse Gallery. These murals are reproductions of oil paintings by Christopher Still. The originals hang in the chambers of the Florida House of Representatives in Tallahassee. The SFSC MOFAC Permanent Collection includes the Highwaymen Collection and the Florida Masters Collection, one of the finest collections of contemporary Florida regional art.Selections from these collections are usually on display at various times throughout the year.


600 West College Drive, Avon Park, FL 33825
PHONE: (863) 784-7240 or (863) 453-6661
HOURS: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 12:30 – 4:30 p.m. Admission is free

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