Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park

Archaeologists classify the site as part of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex [SECC]. This large regional culture is related to the Mississippian Period. SECC was first recognized in the mid-20th century, although it was then called the Southern Cult, or even the "Southern Death Cult". However, today it is sometimes referred to as the Mississippian Ideological Interaction Sphere [MIIS] or the Mississippian Art and Ceremonial Complex [MACC]. Sites of this cultural group are scattered throughout the southeastern United States.

Artifacts found at the Lake Jackson site include plain and repoussé copper plates, copper headdress badges, engraved shell gorgets, pearl beads, copper axes, and stone and ceramic pipes. Many of these pieces had motifs representative of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex or SECC. Similar artifacts have been found at the Spiro Site in Oklahoma, the Moundville Site in Alabama, and Etowah Mounds in northwestern Georgia. Stylistic analysis has shown that of the three, Lake Jackson had the closest ties with Etowah.


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