Charlotte County Historical Center

The Charlotte County Historical Center (CCHC) is part of the Community Services Department, Libraries & History Division of Charlotte County Government.
Their Mission: To offer a variety of programs and services to educate the community about the rich history of the Charlotte County area while preserving and protecting the County's historical resources for future public use.

Discover many stories of the ancient people who fished in the Calusa heartland estuaries thousands of years ago. The accounts of the Calusa give a prehistoric foundation to the timeline of Charlotte County. The area’s rich history and culture can be accessed through the vast array of community outreach programs, events, and traveling exhibits designed for all age groups and backgrounds. The Charlotte County Historical Center is dedicated to educating, protecting, and preserving our historical resources for future public use. The Charlotte County Historical Center is a part of the Community Services Department of Charlotte County Government. It is a resource center for local, state and national history.

The Charlotte County Historical Center promotes local history in many ways, including; permanent and travelling exhibits about area history, assisting with research and genealogy studies, historical markers, educational outreach, historical advisory committee, and more. One fun service is History Quest. This educational treasure hunt is designed to encourage visitors to explore local historic sites using questing and geocaching. Questing is place-based, educational scavenger hunt with clues and questions designed to pass along knowledge about a location. Questing can cover small locations to large historic districts. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS devices. Participants use GPS coordinates to find a geocache (container) hidden at a specific location. LEARN MORE ABOUT HISTORY QUEST




Charlotte County Historical Center
514 East Grace Street
Punta Gorda, FL 33950



Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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