Around the Bend Nature Tours


Telling the Florida story with outdoor tours, classes, field trips, and day camps in parks and on the water for groups of all ages.

Around the Bend Guides are Professionally Certified Master Naturalists through the University of Florida or 
Interpretive Guides with the National Association of Interpretation.

With Around the Bend, adventurous people can Dip Net in the Grass Flats, go birding with high quality binoculars, or experience the past with ancient Native American tools. Explorations of a local estuary by wading into the grass flats at low tide allows for discovery of  fish, crabs, shrimp, starfish, sea urchins, and even sea horses. Investigation of the adjoining mangrove forest teaches tour goers how to identify the plants and animals there. For a drier adventure, explore the 21,000 acres of Duette Preserve from a covered wagon. Two naturalist guides teach the story of several ecosystems within the property. Learn how Florida's Native Americans used the environment to live. This nature tour combines natural and cultural history by experiencing Native Technology through the use of ancient tools and the ingenuity of using local materials; and a Nature and History Walk, which incorporates both natural and cultural history of Emerson Point. LEARN MORE

Around the Bend Nature Tours teaches the real Florida story to over 7,500 school children annually. Trained Nature Guides lead classes on an outdoor learning adventure. Trips are sponsored by the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, SWFWMD, Sarasota Audubon, Manatee County Audubon and Tampa Bay Estuary Program. The gulf coast watershed as an overarching concept, as well as incorporating local history and ecology at each site. All trips are standards-based and correlated to Florida state and national standards.  LEARN MORE


Around the Bend Nature Tours offers summer camp opportunities for kids ages 6-11 at Myakka River State Park which includes learning about insects, small animals, habitats, and simple survival skills. LEARN MORE 


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